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Thursday, April 28, 2011

I hate when people ask "Do you work"?

     Really? Do I work? Yes I do, I have the hardest job in the world. I am the mother of 4 children, 3 of whom are teenagers who need more emotional support than most patients at an asylum. What other job in the world are your job skills listed as being an alarm clock, a cook, a maid, a teacher, a nanny, a nurse, a handyman, an Internet technician, a security guard, a photographer, a counselor, a chauffeur, a comforter, an ATM machine, a cheerleader, a coach, law enforcement, a psychologist, a psychic, and too many more to name. I get No holidays, No sick pay, No days off. I work 24/7/365, days and nights and am on call 24 hours a day. What other job demands those requirements? None.
     That being said, there is also no job more rewarding. Granted sometimes we may feel inadequate and very under-appreciated but there are those little moments that make it all worth it. That hug on the way through the room, the occasional thanks that they do bother to give you and you know they really mean it and the ever elusive kiss on the cheek that says it all.
     We get the reward of watching these drooling, pooping, screaming babies grow into productive, intelligent adults that someday are going to shape this world for our grandchildren and their grandchildren. So without us being the employees that we are this world is doomed to failure. Keep it up moms! We are doing great work, even if sometimes you just want to pull your hair out and scream enough! Know inside that one day they will finally "GET" what we are trying to say.